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  1. National Volunteer Week 2014

    by Bethany Prange and Allison Jones | Comments (0)

  2. Plan Your Night Out with the Girls

    by Jane Corpora | Comments (0)

    Ladies, how long has it been since you’ve enjoyed a night out with your girlfriends?  

    How would you like to enjoy such a night guilt-free because you are simultaneously supporting a great charity?

    If your interest has been peaked, then listen up.  

    On Friday, May 16, 2014, the St. Louis Area Foodbank is hosting the second annual Wine, Women and Shoes. The fun happens from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza in Clayton.

    Tickets are now on sale for this high-energy event.  

    Throughout the night, you can:

    • Sample fine wines from vintners across the country
    • Shop for the latest fashions in shoes, accessories and jewelry 
    • Bid on one-of-a kind trips to Napa Valley or stock your wine cellar with great live and silent auction packages 
    • Buy a chance to win the fabulous Keys to the Closet package worth thousands of dollars!  The “Closet” contains a treasure trove of jewelry, shoes, clothing, accessories and lots of other surprises!
    • Discover the goodies inside your Swag Bag
    • Taste amazing food
    • Buy a surprise bag of wine from the Wall of Wine

    Oh, and let’s not forget the Shoe Guys.  Several hunky young men will be at your service all evening, serving up the latest in fashion footwear and wine pairings. 

    Wear your favorite pair of shoes and compete for prizes in the Best in Shoe contest! 

    So plan now to attend with your “sole” sisters!   Individual tickets and Girlfriend’s packages are on sale.  Buy tickets at or call 314-292-6262.

    Also, follow and like our event on Facebook at to get the latest updates and check out photos from last year’s Wine Women & Shoes.

    Be There!  Be Fabulous!

         Jane Corpora is the grantwriter at the St. Louis Area Foodbank

  3. National Nutrition Month

    by Kelly Hall | Comments (0)

    In honor of National Nutrition Month, it is important to take a look at the efforts being made to provide healthy food options to the millions of people in need of food assistance in our country. 

    With an ever-growing push toward eating healthy and staying fit, food banks like the St. Louis Area Foodbank are trying to do their part to provide clients with healthier foods. We also strive to give families in need nutrition education to help them make healthy choices on their own. 

    We distribute millions of pounds of food to those in need, and we want to make sure that food not only fills the clients’ stomachs, but also helps them provide a healthier future for their families. 

    Typically seen as a large warehouse that distributes shelf-stable food, the Foodbank is evolving. We are working hard to provide more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean meats. 

    One of our overall goals is to better meet the nutritional needs of those we serve. Diets rich in these foods will help reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes - three conditions that are prevalent in today’s society, particularly for the poor. 

    The St. Louis Area Foodbank is also focusing on programs and services that will help communities gain additional access to healthy food. We also share opportunities for families to learn the benefits of health eating. 

    We help families in need apply for food stamps, and provide senior citizens with a supplemental box of food every month. These are just two ways we are offering struggling families in our area better access to healthy, nourishing food choices. 

    Our food fairs and mobile markets deliver fresh produce, bakery goods and dairy products to pantries all around the St. Louis region. We also provide our clients with a wide variety of resources to make healthy living a possibility for those struggling to make ends meet. 

    One of the best resources to help food banks and health professionals bridge the gap between hunger relief and good nutrition is the Healthy Food Bank Hub

    The Hub is designed to provide healthy food resources to food banks across the country. The tool includes information on healthy food distribution, recipes, educational materials and much more. 

    For those that look to the St. Louis Area Foodbank, food pantries and soup kitchens for their next meal, eating healthy is not something they can do on their own. 

    The St. Louis Area Foodbank is making strides to provide healthy food and nutrition education, making the idea of healthier, well-fed communities isn’t too far away.

    Each of us can do our part to make healthier food options available to all of us. Contact the St. Louis Area Foodbank and see what you can do to help, whether it is volunteering at a distribution center or simply inquiring about efforts in your community to help create awareness about nutrition. 

    Together we can work towards a healthier, more nutritious future.

    Kelly Hall
    Kelly Hall, RD, LD is the IL School Breakfast Coordinator at the St. Louis Area Foodbank. She is a registered dietitian.


  4. We Want To Hear From You

    by Bethany Prange | Comments (1)

    Have you ever needed help providing food for your family? Have you received food from a food pantry? Have you ever used food stamps?
    If you answered yes to any of these questions – even if your experience was years ago – we’d love to hear from you. We use these firsthand accounts to help educate the world about hunger in the St. Louis area. Hearing a personal story from a real individual who has struggled to put food on the table can be eye-opening for those who have never experienced it.
    These stories help us spread hunger awareness, and encourage donors large and small to keep giving. In addition, your story can help erase the stereotypes that people associate with food pantries and food stamps. Please help us show the world that the folks in the pantry line are real, hard-working people who are doing their best to provide for their families.
    It’s easy to share a thought, comment or personal story – just email or call 314-227-3728. We do not have to use your full name if we share the story, but we do need to verify the stories.  For this purpose, please include in your email or message the following information: full name, city of residence, email or phone number, and name of pantry you used if applicable.

         Bethany Prange is the communications coordinator at the St. Louis Area Foodbank

  5. A Festival of Friends

    by Matt Dace | Comments (0)

    This past weekend, the St. Louis Area Foodbank’s Young Professionals Board (YPB) partnered with Moulin Events & Meetings on their sixth annual Centennial Beer Festival. 

    Members of the YPB, along with Foodbank staff, were there to help direct crowd traffic and promote hunger awareness. The event organizer, Jason Arnold, is a former Foodbank Board member and current partner at Moulin and its sister establishments – Vin de Set and PW Pizza. 

    The festival was a great introduction to events for our newly-formed and growing YPB. 

    In addition to a minimum contribution from the organizers, they offered a raffle in which attendees could win $500 worth of the more than 200 different festival beers on hand. 

    Going in, I assumed selling chances to win beer to folks attending a beer festival wouldn’t be too tough a task. My assumption was right on – we raised more than $2,000 – but I’ll admit I was surprised at how many of the 1,400 attendees already knew about the Foodbank and how many were interested in what we do.  

    Hundreds stopped by the Foodbank table my wife and I staffed on Saturday and nearly everyone asked about our food supply or added some anecdotal history they had with the Foodbank. 

    I was also touched that so many took a pass on the raffle and just simply made a contribution to our cause. The teaming with Jason and the Centennial Beer Festival was certainly a success and one that we look forward to growing in years to come.

    Everything we do as an organization has a direct goal of providing food to someone in need and this event was no exception. The $2,000 raised will help us bring in nearly $18,000 worth of food to the area. 

    In addition to the funds raised, this event served another purpose. The YPB has recently launched a “Friends of the Foodbank” initiative to attract those interested in small networking events that engage people in hunger relief. 

    Our kick-off event for the Friends group will be held at the Foodbank on Thursday, March 6, 2014. 

    For more information, or to attend, please visit


         Matt Dace is the senior vice president at the St. Louis Area Foodbank

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